How we test casinos payout speed!

Our process is quite simple. We create an account with an online casino, make a deposit of $10-50 and try a couple of games that we are interested in. As soon as we have at least $20 in profit, we go to the withdrawal page to do a withdrawal time test.

Mostly we test withdrawals via bank transfer because it is the most used payment option when withdrawing and what we check then is not how quickly the money reaches us because this depends on the banks, but instead we look at how long it took the casino to review and approve the withdrawal.

If an online casino approves our withdrawal within 10 minutes, then we consider the withdrawal to take a maximum of 10 minutes. However, it may still take some time before we receive the money in the account because different payment options have different processes for this.

Therefore, we have created a page with different payment options where we inform you who want super fast withdrawals about the different possibilities and which of these are the fastest.

However, the test for the fastest withdrawal methods is something that we have only tested once to ensure how these work and how quickly the money reaches us with the various methods.

In short, our fastest casino withdrawals are casinos, operators where you are guaranteed to get your withdrawal granted very quickly. How quickly the money reaches you after that depends entirely on which payment method you have chosen to use at the casino.

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